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Marzabotto, Italy


Idea Competition


ํYoung Architects Competitions (YAC)

Location with specific cultural background and the uses of the existing building  is the very first thing to concern before designing a new learning center. To provide a new perception of technology, renewable energy and innovation, together with encouraging people to understand history, culture and be able to live with nature. These three issues are supported by site's context and surrounding, where was a factory for recycling with long period of history and culture, and located among a wide natural scenes.

The connection of nature, history and  innovation is merged together as a one timeline, when people started to live with nature, then build the building with a hint of their culture, belief and history, after that  they integrate technology, innovation for more convenient. Which leads to how the program and circulation are planned for this project.

Located among the nature, is the potential to design building to get the uses of  natural energy resources both passive and active ways. Sunlight for natural light and electrics through solar cell panel,  rain water for water supply and hydro power, wind for natural ventilation. Not only the energy from nature but also human can produce some alternatives energy such as kinetic energy while walking in the building. which affected the building form integrating by many voids.


Not only function and natural energy, an existing buildings are concerned to be conserved by keeping grid system for both horizontal and vertical ways. Moreover Grid system support the concept of economy and technology, by  designing space just enough for required function and some area can be adaptive, while people can design new space or even change the existing one later in the future.



Life- Style academy, a school for living sustainably  located on the ground floor, this zone is designed as one house. The house with area where to eat, to sleep , to relax, to welcome the guest and to hang out with neighbour. There are 8 bedrooms for 32 students, that use electrics from sun light and water from water pond collected rain water.  A kitchen where the plants grow, the animals are raised. A living space where people can exercise and relax. This area has plenty of space left in this zone, created  for the workshop or for future recreation, which welcome both students and all visitors to join and learn.



Children's museum, where the kids can learn and experience a recycling issue through historical building. Since once it used to be paper and recycle  factory, this building have some unique construction inside such as stairs and water storage concrete tanks, will be either kept or renovated to be an attractive routes or activities for kids and families.

This museum will educate the kids through architecture itself, the old wall floor and structure is exactly the, plus the installation of walking route on the top to experience the roofs cape and   materials.




The main exhibition hall or science and recycling museum  is accessed by visitors, mostly exhibit an innovation of technology focusing on recycle issue. By the idea of recycling, this building still in a good  condition, and it is functional to be a museum, since it is located at the center of the whole project easy to approach by both visitors from the main entrance and trucks for installing the work from a bigger gateway, which can be closed the works have been exhibiting.





An adaptive space is the key space for the building, one of them is on the roof top on the fourth floor.  This area can be used for many purposes, for exhibition  or recreation area, for workshop or outdoor meeting.  To get a panoramic views of mountains , railway and surrounded buildings.The roof top area is mainly welcome for business incubator, high level trainers some visitors, for private occasion .

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