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Design:           2008


Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam



Competition detail

Thu Thiem new urban area international design competition 2008


Ho Chi Minh City

Design Team

Sook Architects collaborated with

Noppon Pisutharnon, Manmanee Charutula, Monthep Meejunyakul

Thu Thiem New Urban Area ,an eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City. A bridge across from the old town of Ho Chi Minh to a water front area and new public space of the new town was designed on a floating structure as an traditional method of Vietnam.

We proposed two floating structures to be a monument of two heroines of  Vietnam that lead an army to protect the country until the last breath at the river. The Floating monument and bridge represents the transparent that pass from ancestors to the next generation in the future.

With admiration and proud of our friend, Vietnam, we have witnessed here today the strong and magnificent country. After going through the long and hard fights for its independence, Vietnam has maintained uniqueness, cultural identity, local wisdom, including vernacular which coexists with nature appropriately and sustainable.


“Saigon River Pedestrian Bridge as Trung Trac – Trung Nhi Bridge”


By the location of Me Linh Square, the term Me Linh reminds of two Vietnamese national heroines, the sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi who sacrificed themselves fighting with enemies and drowned themselves in the river rather than surrendered. This bridge is as a monument of these heroines where spirits have remained in the river to protect and lead Vietnamese descendants to the future.


The bridge is a “Floating Bridge” as Vietnamese vernacular infrastructure subject to natural high tide and low tide due to 7- month long rainy season.The support of the bridge’s shape is inspired by the shape of Vietnamese local wisdom, “Basket Boat”. This design is consistent with natural context and natural material together with emerging technology.


“Crescent Park”

When we put aside human’s layer, we will discover that “nature” has always existed as the real owner who deserve the respect.


The Crescent Park is situated at vulnerable area that might be effected by nature. Hence, it is designed to preserve the continuity of ecology corridor and to restore indigenous species and native plants such as reed bed and mangrove. These plants will help to prevent the erosion. They are the natural filter, habitat and nursery which will be resulted in biodiversity.


A geometric design of hyperbola is applied to create the system, proportion, pattern and functional of the area. Hyperbola harmonize smooth and relax which are different from sharp angle intersection mostly founded in French era.


Another significant landscape is rice pad in between green area. Rice, the native plant represent magnificent cultural landscape, timing, seasoning and abundant. This design aims to reflect of the use of agriculture landscape in public space, especially now the scarcity of food is becoming another serious issue.


“Central Plaza”

The giant open space roars as the strong survivor stand today and from now on it is proud of independence, freedom and never ending happiness. “ It’s time to celebrate”.


The most simply space serves maximum flexible city activities all day all night. Yang, native plant, is installed in the front along the plaza as strong soldier walls that are sent from nature. This Yang represent the age of Thu Thiem new town and they will grow together.


The growth rate of Yang is from 2 meters to 40 meters in 100 years, the growth rate of surrounding buildings in 100 year should be = ?

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