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Design:           2014


Bang Phli, Samut Prakarn, Thailand


2,500 sq.m.


Chalee  Kanjanapanyakom

Korn Kanjanapanyakom


ASA NEXT: ตัวตนคนไทย, 2016,

Li-Zenn Publishing Limited


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Taco Lake is a water sports centre that has been opened since 1980, found by Mr. Chareon Kanjanapanyakom. He converted a pond that formed by the excavation of soil for sale to a lake for windsurfing. Later, in 1991, a Cable ski system was installed for Wakeboarding for the first time in Thailand. Since then, Taco Lake has become well known for a popular wakeboarding cable ski lake.

Sook Architects has been assigned to renovate the Cable Ski Club which is the main facility in Taco Lake. Requirements for the renovation include improvement of the operating room for cable ski, ticket booth, restaurant, shower and changing rooms, Taco shop and recreation areas. The future plan for Taco Lake is to become a family vacation destination and a place for sport recreations that include bicycle route, triathlon, youth sailing club, ballroom dancing and yoga.


Design concept:


Ground floor: Rearranging spaces based on their functions to optimize their use.

Upper floor: Removing the metal sheet roofing and replacing the concrete slab rooftop with a relaxing open space for watching water sports from a higher perspective. A bicycle bridge was installed for people to ride along the rooftop and a built-up water feature was designed to provide cooling breeze.


Roof = New (Play) Ground The waving roof structure was installed to mimic the ocean’s waves and creating a new skyline. The ceilings of the multi-purpose room and the verandah are covered with wood panels for thermal insulation and warmth-keeping properties so that people can go on the roof top with their bare foot. A safety para cord net is installed under the Slack Line system.

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