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Bee Breeders: RE-Stock London Housing




Balfron and Carradale house, London

Robinhood Garden, London


Idea Competition


Bee Breeders

Teletubbylism is the Restorative Utopias of humanism that believes in love, peaceful coexistence, and individual free-spirit liberation. We believe in the way of self-sufficiency, positive thinking, pay respect, and empathy to socioecology similar to the Utopias, The Garden Cities of To-morrow, the modernism concept.


= RE-Visionary to Architectonic for London Iconic Council Housing

= RE-Garden Cities of To-morrow + Streets in the sky

= Gardens in the sky

= Socioecology RE-connection (Re-connection between the beautiful natural environment and human urban society to be a liveable community.)

= Socioeconomic RE-consideration (To be equitable and unitize community which completes with effective fundamentals, safe and economics.

= Flexible Land use RE-filling (Re-fill 'Live, Work, Play' philosophy to not only for an existing and extension London Iconic Council Housing but also for both To-morrow Individuality and Communality)

RE-filling Flexy Land use

RE-filling Flexy Land use = Flexy Wall + Flexy Floor + Autonomous sharing unit

From the philosophy of 'Live, Work, Play', the Flexy Floor and Flexy wall are supported multi-activity for both existing and extension space of the Iconic Council Housing. Therefore, flexibility and adjustability qualifications are concerned, and using technology such as AI, sensors and the autonomous system will manage the co-living community.

Socioecology: Recycled and eco-friendly materials are concerned to reduce carbon footprint. Socioeconomic: the wall and floor made to be a modular system that lightweight and easy to place and move around the site for the different uses. The variety activity on the flexy floor creates the opportunity to be a shared and lively community.  

The Flexy Wall  

The Pleated wooden Flexy Wall is a reduced carbon footprint material which coated by a  thin "Aerogel surface" to be insulation and improve the fire resistance qualification. The pleated wall is strong enough to be able to stand steadily and it can extend the length of the wall according to the activity. With this feature, it can fit well with the interior space of the existing building. The colorful walls create lively visuals and re-invigorate the building. The Flexy Floor Lightweight self-healing bio concrete London is a rainy city so that it would be great if the building can healing itself every time it rains. When the cracks appear in the concrete, the water seeps in the cracks. The spores of the bacteria in concrete germinate and starts feeding on the calcium lactate consuming oxygen. The soluble calcium lactate is converted to insoluble limestone. Thus filling the crack automatically. The bio concrete can recycle to be a new restorative habitat for coral. Maglev Platform The platform levels driven by a magnetically levitating system, the column structure acts like magnetic train tracks so that all 4 corners of the platform can move vertically. Energy production Surface The Aluminium Composite Panels comprises of recycled materials such as aluminum, polymer, and few minerals. The cladding surface with the Pavegen system converting footsteps into electricity that heat floor in winter and also wireless charging for electric equipment.

Autonomous Sharing Unit

Autonomous WC Unit is a shared restroom that travels along the existing corridor and the Flexy Floor. The existing restroom in the building can be converted to be a flexible space.

Autonomous Kitchen unit For sharing fresh agriculture products and be a co-kitchen to supporting strong community cohesion.

Autonomous Health Unit The basis of being a liveable community is that all members have good health. Therefore, the mobile health unit that uses medical MRI technology to scan sickness and AI technology will analyze physical and mental disorders of the residents as well as giving advice on how to take care of themselves.

Autonomous Mechanical equipment unit Encourages residents to repair and maintain their living units by themselves and archive self-sufficiency.

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