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Design:           2017


Ban Klang, Pathum Thani, Thailand


The pavilion is an essential part of Suan Pathum Pawana, because of its multipurpose functions. The pavilion is used for Buddhist merit-making, for people to offer meals to monks, for monks having meals and for being a discussing place.

Because of these functions together with the point that on religious days there were lots of people coming, this pavilion was too small and can not support functions well anymore.

The pavilion is located between abundant trees so the extension should cause as less impact as possible. The method is to offset from existing boundary equally (instead of expanding to only one side and cutting lots of trees). Space between new and existing columns will be used as seats for monks and elderly, so normal people’s sitting area will be wider. Shoes can also be placed under the seat.

Columns will be extended so the space will be higher and more airy. Interesting old steel trusses will be used again, gable board will be removed for better ventilation and lighting. Deep eaves are for protecting rain. Gaps for trees will be provided.

Entrance and Buddha statue place are underneath rectangle roof panels, extended from under the truss, which is architectural character that can be found in religious architecture in local area.

Hardscape is bigger and contains walkway around the pavilion for meditation walk and circumambulation. Alms bowls and dish washing area are placed on same side with wider space and translucent roofs provide natural light and reduce dampness

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