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The Council of the City of Ryde, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, invites submissions for an iconic gateway concept – a bold vision of insightful and creative design to guide future development of its civic site. Sky RydeBelow the new skyline of Parkes and Delvin streets is City of Ryde’s Center for civic engagement, administrative and commercial functions (local business). Below the new skyline of Blaxland road is a new housing development appropriate to the neighborhood. The design features residential units with green roofs, stacked on top of one another, cascade from the 1st floor to the 9th floor, offering the best view of the Ryde city and its surrounding community.

Above us only Sky Ryde, a new development to encourage social cohesion, community development and sustainable urban renewable.The building will be surrounded by public space to connect the city's landmarks together, allow all users equal and easy access and create an environmental friendly for the community. The ground floor on Delvin Street is elevated to retain the cityscape of the heritage buildings and to prevent noise pollution for the existing and new residences. Building and interior spaces are designed to be multidisciplinary and flexible to accommodate changes in the future. The building has open-plan spaces to allow cross-ventilation and natural light and to engage residents to feel better connected to the surrounding community (permeable).

The building structure comprise of modular grid system for civic and steel structure and timber system for housing complex. These structure are easy to worked, lightweight, and able to reuse. For energy efficiency and resource management, salvaged building materials from demolished structure will be reused for recycled aggregates concrete, excavated soil onsite will be reused for rooftop garden, storm water will be collected and reused for irrigation




Sydney, Australia



Competition detail

International Design Competition


The Council of the City of Ryde

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