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Modifying 3.16

Open international Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing






Idea Competition


Russian Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector and DOM.RF


1 of 45 shortlisted entries

Competition Website

The housing was designed in the system of 3.16 meter-grid,which creates 10 sq.m. area inside it. The system consists of prefabrication modular elements, both structures and enclosures.

Using prefabrication materials helps controlling quality and reducing construction time. Alternative lightweight enclosure elements allow users to modify their units and create the units those are not just rectangular like usual. This allows the units to have more opening, gain more sunlight and view.


Units were grouped in 2-storeys format. That can be duplicated according to numbers of users. Bright colours were used create lively atmosphere. Not only interior flexibility, the housing also have spare structure that allow users to expand their units according to their need, without expanding building’s footprint.


Interior space were designed connected to lifestyles and some original elements, for example, emphasizing the importance of kitchen and dining area as a heart of the house, multipurpose living space, reinterpreting furniture like stenka in modern way and use them instead of walls in some areas.

Transparent recycled PVC curtains were used to separate area like kitchen from other areas, but still allow sunlight through the area. Furniture such as dining table, coffee table and bed can be adjusted to support more users when needed.


Recycled woods were used as interior materials, because of its neutral temperatures and friendly texture. Innovative eco-friendly materials were used in the housing. These materials are light weight but can cope up with harsh climate. Solar cells panels provide renewable energy for the building.

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