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Pasir Panjang










'Power-Up Pasir Panjang!'

Ideas Competition,



In the past, “Pasir Panjang” or “Long Beach” in the Malay language was settled by Malaysian fishermen who lived a self-sufficient life with rich marine resources. In the post-war period, the land became the power  district to supply Singapore's increasing power needs. Even though some buildings and industrial structures in the “Pasir Panjang Power District” today are abandoned and unused, they reflect Singapore’s industrial   history and the architecture of the time and rich with the potential for    creating new enthusiastic activity.

In the case that this area used to be the power plant and produce energy for the community, so it should be adapted to be the recreation and life energy encouraging space for all . To encourage life energy, it considers 3 topics; feel the nature, having good food and well concentration. The way to re-imagining the power district, some parts of the historical powerhouse will be conserved and the others will be adaptive reused. The      advantage of this process can reduce waste from demolition.

Feel the Nature: In the future, the substation on the north of the site will belie hidden in the earth, so it will give us more on ground space.The new land can patch other green areas such as Labrador Nature Reserve and connect the waterfront area. The open space will arrange to be a Therapeutic landscape and biophilic design. Some small part of the great green park can divide for the new commercial development. The green patch similarly performs like a huge air filter, So the more green area the more fresh air.

Having good food: Have you ever wondered about the food production process? The power station B will be renovated to be the hawker center that provides affordable and hygienic cooked food for the locals. The    organic vertical urban farming suited to Singapore’s climate while       maximizing limited land space. It will become a learning hub of planting, cooking and eating good fresh food.  

Well concentration: Playing a sport, doing an active activity or art will strengthen your concentration. Many indoor sports, as Badminton,      Basketball requires wide and high volume space. Hence this program could be fit in the unused power station A. Because of its wide span structure and high ceiling. Similarly, this project promotes marine resources exploration and marine sport. The Chlorinating plant and Pumphouse,    located along the waterside, will be re-functioning to the marina activity center. In addition, the abandon oil tank can modify to be a “graffiti tank” for local artist’s creative art expression.

Even though this project uses the conservative way and renovates some existing buildings, using technology and innovation are considered. Some parts of the skin façade and roof can be changed to a Pollution- eating façade instead. The new skin façade modules are coated with       titanium dioxide. They can reduce air pollution in the cities and by their sponge shape; they diffuse light, air turbulence, and dust. Moreover, the project can produce energy by the solar cell transparent film on void and facade. The roof of power station B will be reconstructed to a roof garden to reduce the heat in the building. The additional benefit is to create the connection between the wild green area around the colonial-era house and the project’s open green site. The project’s resource management will be significantly considered. The reused water from the building will use in urban farming and the leftover food from the hawker center will be transformed into fertilizer and soil.

In the future, this project is not only reimagining the abandon power     district to be a rejuvenative space, but also becoming the new heart of the Pasir Panjang area. Let’s power up!


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