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Design:           2018


Nong Chok, Bangkok, Thailand

Nong Chok Temple was built in Nong Chok Community since 1890 (120 years). The temple is located on Saen Saep canal side, which created pleasantly calm and shady atmosphere. The ordination hall and the bell tower, built in 1914, not only consist of elegance art and architecture but also historical value.


Nong Chok Temple is a spiritual anchor of the community, as a place for performing important Buddhism ceremonies and activities.In 1918, the temple shared a part of property for constructing school buildings, which is Wat Nong Chok Pakdee Noraset School in present day.

According to the rise of the population in Nong Chok district and government’s infrastructure development, there have to be the expansion of temple’s boundary and the construction of religious buildings and facilities, to support the activities in the temple appropriately.

For standard and efficient rehabilitation of Nong Chok Temple, SOOK Architects team would like to provide “Nong Chok Temple’s Masterplan Conservation and Rehabilitation Proposal” as an offering in Kathin ceremony for Nong Chok Temple. The aim of this proposal is for improving temple’s masterplan to be compatible with temple and community’s activities, together with the conservation of religious architecture, artifacts and environment.

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