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Lumpang, Thailand

Nakhon Lumpang, The historic city, rich in cultural heritage, has been awaken with the preparation for an urban education, Northern Loading center, and Ceramic Creative Business Center. The lively city with good quality of life and environment.

With the good vision from the mayor of Nakhon Lumpang, Mr. Nimit Jiwasantikarn. The Design Development Potential and Environment - Cultural landscape Improvement Center was established. In collaboration between  the Conservationist from Chiang Mai University; Dr. Jullatat Kitibud, Assoc. Woralan Boonyasurat, Asst. Witoon Laewrungreaung, Prof. Teerayut Inthajak, architects - urban designers from SOOK ARCHITECTS CO., LTD, and Architects and engineers team of Nakhon Lumpang Technician. Together, joined an old urban areas, old economy areas, and new economy areas development  workshop. During May 30th - May 1st, 2011

SOOK ARCHITECTS CO., LTD, As architects and urban designers, had introduced an examination for Lampang city. According to the standard, healthy city, eco city, sustainable city. By considering from city shape, size, morphology, infrastructure and land use, road system, density, diversity of habitation, working area, resting area, public utilities, ability to accommodate population diversity, clean city, and ecological balance System, with the disaster preparation.

According to the studies, it had been found that an inner area of the old city has an effective infrastructure network and land use, while the outer part is lack of those needs. The consequence didn’t seem to be occur yet because of the population density number is less than the standard. But the result of plan and policy for being an education city, business center, and northern transportation has also quickly increased the population number, and would lead to higher needs of water, food, shelters and public utilities requirements, such as high standard quality hospital, leisure areas, and social and cultural space.


However, Nakhon Lumpang is increasing the public park area by
- Turned an old slaughterhouse into a park area near the old canal (The context is similar to parc de la villette-Paris)
- Created courtyard that connected to the municipal market-City Pillars and an Old City Hall, which already had been modified to Naknon Lumpang city museum,not so far from Kad Kong Ta old market street
- Lumpang Horse cart project, Environmentally Friendly and Cultural Identity Alternative Travel system, which will develop the transportation system for Nakhon Lumpang people.
- The Landscape improvement ideas to reduce city’s temperatures which rised from the past.

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