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"Laan Phun Jai"

Lamphun Contemporary Art and Cultural Center Design Competition




Lamphun, Thailand


Idea Competition


ASA Lanna together with Lamphun Provincial Administration Organization Office and Lamphun Municipality Office

Competition Website

“Laan Phun Jai” The name that best describes the design concept of “Lamphun Contemporary Art and Cultural Center”

Laan = Public open space

Phun = Increase, enhance

Jai = Heart, spiritual anchor

The setting of the project is located at the heart of Lamphun city, near some natural water source including “Kuang River” on the East side and “Camadevi” lagoon on the West side. The area is also full of precious cultural heritage of Lamphun such as Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, Lamphun Museum and Hariphunchai National Museum. According to this, there needs to be the public space that connect between people, nature and cultural heritage.

Due to current situation, new urban development is causing this valuable area at the risk of being threatened.


The design focused on maximizing public space and preserving valuable buildings. Some of them will be renovated to be more efficient, while some will be demolished to add more green space for recreation, to promote ventilation and natural light, and to create both visual and physical connectivity to other places nearby. This will raise people’s awareness about protecting and conserving Lamphun’s valuable buildings and landmarks.

“Laan Phun Jai” is an urban public space that can be conveniently accessed and utilized by everyone. It will also be a place for all people to learn, inherit and develop Lamphun’s worthful art and cultural heritage to be sustained from now on.

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