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Kinder-Garten : Learning in the Garden

Nonnongwat Kindergarten School Design Contest




Khonkaen, Thailand


Idea Competition


Khonkaen Municipal,

Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

Learning in the Garden : Kinder-garten

“Kinder-garten” derived from German language.

Kinder = Kids 

Garten = Garden

“Kinder-garten” is like the Garden of learning for kids.

Re-Master Plan according to Nonnongwat Municipal School’s vision “School creates good people – Reputable education - Improving quality of life”, for Nonnongwat Municipal School to become school in the garden with teaching atmosphere that is shady, peaceful and comfortable. Moreover, it can also be the community’s green area, connecting to Green communication network, in consistent with Khonkaen Smart City concept.

Master Plan

Designing Master Plan by concerning about efficient use in all areas, including existing and infill parts, to relate with various activities. Teachers will be able to take care of all students, create the environment that is safe, healthy and delightful. Passive design is used for reducing energy consumption.

Special Activity Building

The design concept of the building was to create gathering – multipurpose space and huge playground (shaped like mountains) on the middle of the site.

This building can support many activities, both indoor and outdoor ones. It was placed between three existing buildings as a connector for them to promote accessibility and decrease circulation distances.This concept not only creates compactness, but also preserves green open spaces around the project, which can be used for outdoor activities such as studying, recreation, meditation and sports.

Ground floor was designed as an open basement, to keep the connectivity of open spaces around, consists of the office and the swimming pool. Placing the office on ground floor creates visibility, so the teachers can take good care of students and easily reach them.

The upper floor contains outdoor activity area, corridors and 2 special activity rooms. These rooms’ elements were designed as parts of activity area, stepped walls and roofs can support various purpose such as playground, performing stage and outdoor classroom. These elements will also provide shades and promote ventilations, clear risers will not block perspectives between existing buildings.

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