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Young Architects Competitions: Kid's Factory




Varese, Italy


Idea Competition


Young Architect Competition


1 of 30 Finalists

Competition Website

Once upon a time In a little world, people who live there are full of happiness, laughter and joy. A glimpse of sunlight glows between mountains and brightens up the sky every morning. Tiny humans livein small houses with their families, father, mother and them. Shady trees stand tall, there are green field near deep blue lake beneath light blue sky. People are friendly and full of imagination until everything around can be anything.    


In their perspective, the house is a wonderland that adults may forget. Elements of home function differently, they change walls into canvas full of paintings. Rooms become a place for hide and seek. Stairs are like hills to climb. Roofs are equal to the mountain top that they can sit on and watch birds fly passing by. And his warm and cosy private home locates under a table. For them, these are his FACT.Until one day, they have to face anotherworld that they have never known before. It a world that someone put them in a square box with table and chairs and all they do every day is just to stare at the board like other people. This world is boring and seems to take their happiness away day after day. They all hope that one day they can go back to that world again.  


Until the day they grow up,  the wonderland become just a fake story they heard from other tiny humans.


Yes, we know them as “kids”.

From the story, the purpose of the project is to make the pottery alive and be able to create new artworks again. The master pieces are not ceramics anymore, but they are kids who can fully keep their happiness which came from the imaginary world while they also have good education that they deserved. The design concept is to see existing site in children’s perspective, adapting each spaces to be suitable for each age range, rather than building new things. Similar to the ways those kids utilize the existing efficiently and unlimited.The factory is just a box that adults left behind, but not for children. For them, this is a box that they are willing to get inside.Kids’ skills such as painting, sculpting, trimming and arranging were used for designing the atmosphere. There for, the kids will feel like they are exploring in the wonderland, through special features which connect each parts together as kids’ journey paths.


Their imaginary world will become their FACTual world that we call Kid’s FACTory.

“Somewhere in time, these things used to be real.”

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