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North Pole


Idea Competition


Central Glass International Architecture Design Competition


Merit Prize


The Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition 2015 Judges: Riken Yamamoto, Keiichi Okamoto, Taro Ashihara, Teruo Kobayashi, Hiroshi Naito, Kengo Kuma, Satoshi Takayama The Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition marks its 50th year, this time. In commemoration, we have chosen a theme inquiring into the essential meaning of glass, “The Glass.” Glass, while the simplest of building materials, is yet a subject of profound depth. Glass environmentally shields inside from outside while leaving them visually continuous. However obvious this may seem, the role of glass in architecture grows larger and more complex, the more we ponder it. One cannot discuss modern architecture without referring to glass. Advances in materials and equipment have made building environments more comfortable. Yet, among them, glass stands out for its critical role in creating hospitable environments for people. Hereafter, glass will no doubt maintain its importance to architecture, as high-function glass products successively appear.On the other hand, advances in glass performance may, to the contrary, inhibit architecture’s freedom. By entirely shutting out exterior noise and air, does glass truly create a comfortable space?


We grow so accustomed to the relationship of glass to architecture, we neglect to consciously give play to the true fascination of glass. Our theme this time, “The Glass,” is intended to provide opportunity for re-thinking the role fulfilled by glass in architecture, in hopes that the relationship between glass and architecture might be made even richer. Through our study of this theme, we may be able to produce a new dynamic balance between architecture and glass.To discover the new in everyday life – such is a perpetual theme for architectural design. We invite entrants to propose their vision of the preferable relationship between glass and architecture. Merit Prize




The arctic sea ice, being the world’s biggest glass, reflecting heat and sunlight back to the atmosphere, is melting down and running out due to the global warming. Interpreting igloo vernacular architecture, the replacement is able to glue up the shattered ice world glass. The bubble cell-structure, formed by local seawater, contains an ecology center inside. This structure can heal and live with the site appropriately.

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