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Ladprao 54, Bangkok, Thailand




Council of engineer

“Hermitage of Engineers - Council of Engineers” is the honorable place where retains prestige and the spirit of Thai engineers who integrate knowledge between mathematics and science for creating a sustainable environment. Therefore, this place is like a home full of warmth and love for engineers.

Greenspace, Serenity, Ladprao 54, Livable community
The  TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) pattern of Chok Chai 4 monorail station requires an ability to support a density and variety of people.  Our design preserve  61% green open space of the layout plan for community recreation and urban resilience. 

Green Transportation
Safety, Aesthetic and friendly pedestrian walkway, bike lane and car path.
-    The main car entrance is arranged at the Soi Ladprao 54 to reduce the traffic jam on the main road.
-    The basement car park still not eco-friendly and less flexibility to reuse the space for human activities since the natural light and ventilation could not access in a passive way. The autonomous car park system is considered in this project from the idea of future transportation. In the future, transportation by personal cars are going to be reduced and change to other processes such as using public transportation or a Drone. Thus, the tower parking can be flexible and adjustable to the function of parking to be a working area instead. 

Architecture, Simplicity, Compact, Connection, Health-well being
The building footprint is 760.00 Sq.m. (19.00m x 40.00m) and 64.00 m height. First of all, the building is located on the appropriate size and shape of the site’s layout. The fractions of the site are preserved for land Re-adjustment in the future. The rectangle-shaped floor plan and simplify circulation network bring about the efficiency usage area. The legibility-permeability makes the users understand direction and location easily. Our design considers the portion between public and private space. The compact building not only creates a large green space but also reduces the distance between each section. It causes many benefits such as a variety of interaction space, time and construction cost saving. This building is agreeably designed for the hot-humid climate. This design evaluates users’  safety and comfortableness. Including thermal comfort, lighting/visual comfort, acoustic comfort, indoor air quality: IAQ and universal design. 


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