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What is the Bassook Hound?

Bassook Hound is the unofficial Sook Architects' Basset Hound Kennel. The founder and the principal architect of Sook Architects, Rujnumporn Keskasemsook, was impressed with the Basset Hound named "Sam Si" of M.R. Kukrit Pramoj who was the Prime Minister of Thailand (14 March 1975 – 20 April 1976) and the National Artist of Thailand for literature in 1985. Rujnumporn has had his first Basset Hound since he studied architecture at the university and continues to have them today. Bassook Hound is one of the members who live under the same roof with the Sook Architects.


"Hakao" the first Basset Hound in the house and Rujnumporn, 1997.


Rujnumporn's aunt and Corbu.

Rujnumporn and Corbu.


Rujnumporn, Corbu (Left) and Asa (Right).

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Sook Architects members, Corbu (on the table), Pizza (Middle) and Asa (Front).


Corbu+Asa with Sook Architects family and friends.


Sook Architects members, Asia (Left), JA (middle) and Corbu (Right).


"Fasai" Sook Architects members and Bassook Hound Administrator.

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