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Design:           2014-2015

Construction: 2016 - 2018


Salaya, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand


Narin Nopparatwong

Burin Nopparatwong


Structural & Sanitary Engineer

Pakanut Siriprasopsothron

Electrical Engineer

Eakachai Hamhomvong


WORK IN PROGRESS by art4d+Builk Vol.1, May 2017, Corporation 4d Limited


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Nopparatwong family were invited for real estate investing in Tungsin Alley, which is a connecting road between Borommaratchachonnani Road and Nakhon Pathom 4006 Rural Road, near Mahidol University Salaya, so there was a significant increase of population in the area. It can be seen that numbers of mid-rise residential building were built along the alley. With this factor, together with favor in sports, the family decided to create sports facility to support the community need.

Master plan

Simple site planning helps users to recognize the direction and reach each activities easily, using a driveway and parking as a main circulation to link to each buildings. Indoor sports building, consists of central service, badminton courts, fitness and boxing school, was placed in the South, while football fields is located in the North. The orientation of buildings aimed for avoiding heat from sunlight, for example;  using the larger building to shade the smaller one and open space in the afternoon, while do not block ventilation by creating courtyard and gaps between buildings, in the proper location that let the wind blows. This creates comfortable atmosphere for the reception area on ground floor. Moreover, the plan also creates the possibility for the expansion in the back of property.

The street in front of Figure and Playground, which is 12.5 meters wide, was designed to support livable community by placing coffee shop, bike shop and garden. Large shady trees were placed together with seats for people to relax and watch sports. There for, the area will become lively, safe and bright in night time. It will not be lonely throughout day and night.


Even though nearby neighborhood requires more density to support large number of residents around the big university, the location is still between suburban and rural, near Phuttha Monthon which is a green conservation area. Accordingly, open spaces of the project were designed to be permeable green area as much as possible. (Driveway and parking were turned into concrete hardscape afterwards.) Native plant were chosen because of easy maintenance, less falling leaves and wide spread shading, and also to promote Tungsin alley streetscape-neighborhood identity.

Steel Architecture and Engineering

Considering about roofscape, gable roofs were used for creating simple and familiar building form. This roof form suits for coping up with rain water for long span structure.


Clubhouse is the first building to great visitors, it consists of a lengthy gable roof (11.5 meters wide and 57 meters long), with architect’s intention to make users feel longer than normal. There is a 6-meter cantilever floor, constructed with steel truss, to create exciting impression at first sight. Clubhouse building will reduce the large scale of Badminton court to connect with human scale, Ground floor reception area will become simple gathering space for people to create friendly sports community.

Badminton court

Ordinary form of buildings, but the most challenging in design process, according to several issues;

  • To have enough courts and balance with economics, buildings have to be bulky and require many design techniques to reduce their scale, for instance, by placing coffee shop with stepped green roof in front of the building and by putting clubhouse which has gable roof but in another scale parallel with badminton court. These techniques do not only decrease building size but also help creating friendly and lively atmosphere as well.

  • Concerning about users’ comfort, the interior space has to be well ventilated without strong wind that can interrupt movements of badminton birdies and has appropriate temperature with no use of air conditioner. Building skins feature double ventilation elements, comprises aluminium ventilation grill and green wall. Roof insulation was installed for best heat protection.

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