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Umbria, Italy


Idea Competition


Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

In Umbria, the green heart of Italy, the emotions you feel are tied to the beauty of its cultural landscape, marvellous nature and fairytale countryside. The hills, olive groves, and terraced vineyards of this mystic province gives its landscape a painted look. Nevertheless, Umbria is known and renowned also because of its rich cultural and historical heritage, makes it a perfect place for a dream wedding. The meaning of marriage has gone through many changes in the history, from survival purpose to business transaction. One of the things that has remained through time is family tie, which has anthropologically and deeply rooted in the Italian society since the Etruscan age, the age when the castle was first built, when family was deeply set to be the foundation of Italian society.

The pavilions are divided briefly into three single volumes, in a scale that is not too massive compared to the existings, consist of small modular units connected to one another, which can be added or reduced depending on the number of the guests in order to keep the warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone. No matter how dysfunctional and incomplete they were before, from this day forward they will be an extension of one another.

The wedding and ceremony pavilions are located within the border of the lawn ,so the rest of the space between the buildings is mostly left unoccupied. Therefore, the enchantment of rolling hills can still be perceived without ny obstacles and the airy sense of space remains, which is the identifying characteristic of both castles and hill towns in the region of Umbria.

A Catholic wedding was originally meant to be held in a church, so the steel structure with transparent tensile roof resembles the Italian Gothic interior space, which consists of a series of groin vaults. Transparency of the roof allow the guests enjoy the beauty of the surrounded thousands-year-oldexistings, along with the warm sunlight changing throughout the day, softly falling snow in winter, or

the sound of sparkling autumn rain , turning the  outdoor wedding into a very special experience for everyone while remaining light and airy, giving a humble comment on the surroundings. The furniture is set in order to let the bride and groom to have the beautiful wide view of landscape in the east of the castle be their background.

Resembling the courtyard of the Ancient Roman house and the piazzas where various of social events take place, the open layout of the wedding pavilion makes it easier for the guests, and most importantly, the family members of both the bride and groom, to interact and have a good time together as they are becoming one family. In the wedding pavilion, there is an open area where guests can enjoy some outdoor activities i.e. lawn games without being outdoor, which was used to be impossible when the weather does not allow it. Seating area are also provided for those who wants to rest  so the gandparents can sit and watch their grandchildren play, or just simply chatting , encourage the intergenerational ties. If more space or swimming pool  is required, it can always  be extended. 

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