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Rocca Maginulfo Castle” situated together with the town of Roccamandolfi for a long time. It was used for both residential and military purpose, but it was left untreated and began to decay until now. The resort will support both resort guests and tourist passersby. It will not only provide architectural aesthetic and magnificent view but also enlighten people about value of place and surrounding environment. Let them SEE TRUE.

First, the travelers will see the castle’s true beauty in current condition. They will learn about architectural feature, structure and history through the period of time. Second, they will begin to discover true value and true volume of the castle, how it was like, how great it is, in terms of its appearance and role.

The structure added into the existing will revive the spirit of the castle by using technique that will initiate people thoughts once they see it. When people see the conceptual form that came from castles original form, they will know that the castle was once greater and stronger. Its look will depend on people’s imagination that even if they are different, the castle will be already fulfilled in their mind.

After that travellers will have chances to complete the castle in reality by filling stones, local and original material, into the structure. Doing this will develop people thoughts and feelings about the castle, besides the castle will be alive and grow again.


In the past, the castle was used for looking after the town and looking to the enemies. When time passes by it’s not used for those purposes anymore.

The resort will bring back its role of “looking” again, but this time is for looking to views of nature, architecture, trekking routes, new innovations and etc. Things to see are different according to viewpoints. So journeys are believed not to stop at this castle and travellers will be eager to discover new things more.

Moreover, the resort will bring back the castle’s purpose as a resident. Travellers will have a chance to live in the castle with the lifestyle that sync with the past which is the experience that cannot be found anywhere else.



  • Abundant scenery of pine forest along mountains.

  • Reception & Bar all in one

  • Special storage space for wine, traditional drink.

  • Fireplace and heater are essential. Sitting in front of a fire place is a good way to keep warm in winter.

  • Sipping coffee outdoor and looking out to endless mountain range.

  • Traditional pizza oven

  • Space for dining together in a big group promotes relationship between people.

  • Bedroom in the tower, space is defined by existing structure and new plug-in for privacy.

  • Combination with traditional bathroom in type and character of fixtures.


Character of activities and spaces in the resort will connect the people with sense of Central Italy suburban and its culture.

Common spaces in the resort were designed according to medieval castle, made them homey and comfy, support interaction between people. Its different from other hotels which their spaces are more formal and separated.


  • Placing floors only where necessary, and left the existing untouched as much as possible.

  • Wire mesh structures fade away in to the sky and blend in with nature, do not obstruct or overlay existing architecture.

  • Stone which is original material will be used again.

  • Arches, an essential element in Lombard Romanesque architecture, are used again to imitate the existing.


Bedroom with en-suite bathroom, placed between old and new structures, provide privacy and facilities for relaxation.

Soft bed and warm bath can relief fatigue and pain that caused by travelling and trekking.

Heater in each room will keep it warm, even if outside is cold or snowing.




Molise, Italy


Idea Competition


Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

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