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Re-Imagining the Garden City 




Letchworth Garden City,

London, UK




RIBA Competitions

A priority concern of designing a contiguous expansion of Letchworth Garden City is to create appropriate Green Infrastructure and Land use planning which is harmoniously blended with cultural landscape context (which can be described as living legacy). The design does not only focus on topography and architectural roofscape which contains both similarity, identity and difference, but it is also consistent with the development planning guideline.

With these thoughts, together with the idea of providing appropriate density for the area, the 2-storeys terrace house and its plot are redefined to be the possible future habitat model.
The backyards will be rearranged, aiming for the best proficiency, to create sustainable ecology, economic and social.

By reducing a size of private backyard, the rest of it can be combined into large public green open space. This space is possible for various purpose such as community farm, recreation ground and meeting place. Moreover, it also support resilience and promote connection of ecology patch.
A decrease of private area can reduce property cost as well, there for, houses will be more affordable, while residents still be able to live among rich atmosphere.

The infrastructure were designed to support independent and safe walking and cycling, while driving will still be possible, with the innovation to save the environment.

The new terrace houses retained the unity with existing residential area. The key of the design is compactness and diversity. Character of the architecture was interpreted from original ones, with new methods. The form is simple, similar to vernacular architecture. Original features and materials will be reproduced with modern innovation, to represent the value of existing material. The material choice will depend on each household and there identity.

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