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These traditional Thai houses have been inherited from generation to generation since the great grandfather of the owner, Mr.Kasemchai Sangsanguan. The houses were built by the great grandfather before Mr.Kasemchai’s grandmother was born. (1931)


Originally the Thai houses have located next to Klong Bang Pa Kaew, in front of Po Kaew temple. They consisted of 2 big houses with a terrace in the middle. Then the great grandfather split them up and gave each them to the grandmother and her sister. One of them was discomposed and brought along to build up again at the current location. Another has been moved to Bang Klo, Rama III Road.


House For All Generation

A house with 985 sq.m. on an 1,324 sq.m. land is designed for a big family, father-mother, 2 uncle’s family which are all relatives of the owner. This concludes up to more than 10 members.

The lower floor of the Thai house is brought back to be multi-purposed space with good air flow. It can be closed to become a room and opened to become like space under traditional Thai house, compatible with varied activities and a great meeting place.

Green Space

Using as small space as possible so that the green areas can be kept, especially the open green area toward the old garden. Terraces are located around, linking the house and creating a welcoming court in front of the house.

Roof Scape

The extension’s shape is simple and have relative roof scape to the traditional Thai house.


Dry Process

Using steel structure and most of the material are dry processed, making it flexible to changes and easy for the construction since the materials have to be moved through narrow streets.


Design:           20​15-2016

Construction: 2016-2018




985 m2


Rama II, Bangkok, Thailand


Kasemchai Sangsanguan

Structural & Sanitary Engineer
Pakanut Siriprasopsothron

Electrical Engineer

Eakachai Hamhomvong


4dfile Vol.20, 2016,

Corporation 4d Limited

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