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Design:           2012

Construction: 2012-2013




Trog Baan Chin, Tak, Thailand


Suwanpen Family

In the past, this land lot belonged to Suwanpen family. In 1923, They built a shop where they sold clothes and glass at the front part of the land, opened to Trog Baan Chin Street which was the main circulation in the community. The inner part of the land was private area consisted of living space, kitchen, restroom, rice storage and fruit orchard. Back side of the land was connected to Taksin road which separated it from the forest.

According to the architectural identity, commercial buildings in Trog Baan Chin community are single-storey houses raised up above the floor, created an open space on ground floor. Front side of each building, connected to a street, was a terrace, used as a shop and public space that people usually gather around. Folding doors were used to maximize openness during daytime when they opened the shop, and can be closed at night. A raised floor was used as a leisure space for the family.

​Gable roofs are covered with clay tiles. Each elements of the building are made of teak wood and combined together with a traditional joint technique.

Time passes by, there was land reclamation in the river, and the riverside became further. 

Taksin road was promoted to be a main road. These caused Trog Baan Chin street to become less significant. Moreover, the land was separated inside with fences, caused less connectivity of spaces and functions.


To make this land a conservation and rehabilitation center, it wasn’t just about restoring existing buildings and uses them for education and commercial purposes. The project needs to promote connectivity and permeability through community areas. Green area was created for connecting 2 roads together, with no inside fences anymore. There are only outside fences, which can be all opened along the daytime, and can be closed for security during the night time.


The existing buildings were restored and renovated for different purposes;

1. Old shop building became conservation and rehabilitation center of Trog Baan Chin.

2. Rice storage became a shop on on the ground floor and living space on the upper floor.

3. Double storey house became a barber and organic farming product center.

4. Old building became a bicycle cafe.


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