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ASA Taksin 




Songkla, Hadyai, Thailand




The Association of Siamese Architects
Under Royal Patronage

"Meet" - "Creative"
In order to achieve the purpose of  ASA, the concept of “meet” - “creative” is designed to be a meeting place to create unity among members, be a place where creates opportunities for members and visitors to join and exchange knowledge together. The project is located on the intersection at the corner of the street. The building connects to the public area and is not obscured by neighboring buildings. Light and natural wind can access the building easily. Therefore, the design focuses on optimizing the space of the original building and encourages everyone accesses to the building easily while maintaining its architectural style, continuity of the commercial building,  and renovate the building in accordance with the changing context of Hadyai.

1st Floor = “Meet”
The floor is a flexible continuation of the public area, accommodates various activities including reception, beverage sales area, multi-purpose space for meetings for 30 people.
 Mezzanine  and  2nd floor =  "Service" 
The common area that connects members and visitors together.
3rd floor and the mezzanine =  "creative" 
Consisting of co-working space and reading corner. The concept of construction is to preserve  as much as possible the original concrete wall and the extension part uses a steel structure (lightweight material and dry construction system)

According to tropical climatic conditions, The first awning canopy covers the pavement and the roof cover the balcony of the 3rd floor to prevent heavy sunlight and rain by using semi-transparent materials to create openness and users can experience the view. In addition, solar-powered sunshades are used to filter the light before entering the building directly. Creating a good environment for buildings and communities by using vertical plants at the entrance of the building. For the public area, we propose green paths along the street to create a positive environment for the community and be a water seepage area. The trees create shade for commuters on sidewalks and parking areas.

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