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ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla (ศูนย์อาษาคลาวด์ จังหวัดสงขลา)




Songkhla, Thailand




The Association of Siamese Architects
Under Royal Patronage

ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla where the place of connection between…
Architects + Architects = Creativity space.
Architects + Local Communities = Learning each other space.
(Architects understand the local community way, Locals understand design)
Local Communities + Local Communities = lively gathering space

In addition to ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla will be a place of the connections, It will be a model for the sustainable betterment of the community through the simplicity and humble of the Songkhla people. In the past, Songkhla was nicknamed "Meuang Suan - Garden town (เมืองสวน)" because of the large garden area from the area of ​​ Wat Machimawas Worawiharn to the coast. Even now, gardens have been converted to buildings instead. But local people still call these areas with the word "Suan – garden (สวน)" in the first word of the place name. Therefore, ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla, will be a place that will help restore green areas, reduce the phenomenon of heat island effects, and increase the water seepage area for the town. Local plants are awakened to bring back natural ecosystems.

The design approach reflects a simple way in the context of the old town of Songkhla and the lifestyle of the people. Therefore, areas that can still be used in the way of local people will continue to be used. The areas that are not currently used will be modified to merge with the new trajectory. Which is an enhancement of the original value of the area to be more valuable in the future. Modified areas will bring about a healthy society, environment, and ecology. Inviting the neighbors to change together to become "The sustainable Songkhla old town" in the future.

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