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ASA Cloud Songkla (อาษามาเป็นเกลอ)




Songkhla, Thailand




The Association of Siamese Architects
Under Royal Patronage

“เพื่อนเป็นทรัพย์ แต่ดองยิ่งกว่าเพื่อน” (ดอง = เกลอ)​

“Friends (เกลอ)”, a culture that creates unity in the south of Thailand. The ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla volunteered to be a “Make friend Space” for local people and architects at both the community and regional levels. This center is a people strengthening network place where offers a space that can support various activities, respond to social conditions, and connect with the community. Create continuous activities and relate to Nakorn Nok Road and Nakhon Nai Road. The ASA Cloud Center, Songkhla is a part of the historic town in a consistent and appropriate way and encourages a better community environment. Equating to being a "friend".

ASA Cloud Center in the Living Historical Town
ASA Cloud Center is located in the center of the historical old town Songkhla. With the concept of adaptive reuse, an appropriate building Infill, maintain the historic district together with sustainable development, and be a space that enhances the quality of life and the environment of the old town of Songkhla. Therefore, there are 6 design concepts as follows:

1) Maintain authenticity

2) preserve the value of the building and use of space appropriately

3) demolishing and strengthening the structure

4) Building components

5) Increasing green areas and vegetation

6) Resilience - Energy and water management.

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